Your children’s fun and creative pizzas in Expo World Recipes!

There are thousands of different ways to make pizza! Like Greta’s pizza, with olives, anchovies and tomato sauce, or Dario’s pizza not pizza, made with a chapati because there isn’t an oven in his new house in Milan.

Through Childrenshare we discovered Luca’s pizza jungle, a real jungle made with pizza animals and Raffael’s rabbit pizza, he even played with us directly from Brazil!

Gabriele thought up the ‘Fire-breathing dragon’ pizza, with a dragon made from courgettes and flames made from mozzarella! Gaia, on the other hand, sent us the recipe of the ‘O Sole Mio’ pizza which she made all by herself in order to take part in Childrenshare!

And then there’s Viola, who used both love and passion for her focaccia! And the kidsville children from the Milano Maciachini Virgin Active Club who made ‘pizza faces’ for Father’s day!

Keep playing Childrenshare with us and send us the recipes you have created together with your children to the e-mail address. We’ll publish them inside the Expo 2015 global recipe book!