Turn on the hob: we’re playing with pasta!

Pasta has very ancient origins and has been part of the world’s culinary heritage for a very long time. Even in Roman times, Cicero and Horace loved lagana, a term used for a flatbread made from flour, without yeast, cooked in water, considered to be a predecessor of our modern-day lasagna.

Nowadays, in many cultures, pasta is considered to be more than just a food, it represents moments of union and fun: it has always been an integral part of popular traditions!

When we talk about pasta a huge number of recipes come to mind! Macaroni with tomato sauce, lasagna, trenette with pesto, orecchiette with vegetables, pasta with fish or bolognese sauce. And so on and so forth!

What if your children invented a pasta recipe? What would they like to cook? How would they do it? Which ingredients would they choose?

Play with us at Childrenshare! Invent a pasta recipe with your children, take a beautiful photo of the table laid up with their creation ready to be served and send us the recipe, ingredients and photo to atavola@muba.it!

By Friday we will choose the most beautiful and tastiest recipes which will be used to make up the Expo 2015 World Recipies recipe book!