To each his own breakfast.

It is said that to begin the day well it’s very important to have a good breakfast: sweet or savoury, quick or long, breakfast is one of the world’s best loved social events.

We have taken a tour of breakfasts from around the world and discovered that… Each country has its own breakfast!

In Italy waking up means coffee: lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos spring to mind! Each accompanied by all kinds of delicacies: bread and jam, pastries, honey, croissants filled with cream, or even savoury dishes like cheese sandwiches, crusty bread, omelettes, cured meats.

Like Italy, a French breakfast is typically sweet: a latte accompanied by typical French pastries, like the famous croissant, a buttery delicacy or the pain au chocolat, which combines the softness of bread with delicious chocolate.

Everybody has heard of the English breakfast, consisting of sausages, bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and toast. Or the American breakfast, which combines pancakes and syrup with bacon.

And in the rest of the world?
We discovered that in Mexico, for example, they eat nachos, cheese, beans and meat for breakfast. Whereas if you travel to Taiwan, you’ll find fried dumplings, soya milk and meat omelette.

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