This week “What Kind of Hunger?” goes to Childrenshare

A new week and a new workshop for Childrenshare: we look forward to seeing you from tomorrow onwards with ‘What Kind of Hunger?’, the workshop by Dossofiorito, which is the name of the designer duo Livia Rossi-Gianluca Giabardo: how hungry are you today? How much food do I really need for my day? What am I prepared to eat, even if I don’t like it, because it’s good for my health?

The children create dishes of different sizes and choose from real food and ingredients in a pantry, according to a ‘typical’ day and their real needs and tastes: through play and direct experience, the workshop intends to make the children more aware of food and encourage them to use it responsibly.

And don’t miss the MUBA tables from around the world, so that you can play with the themes from Expo 2015!