The week’s events with Childrenshare

We are now at the height of summer and a new week of Childrenshare is beginning at MUBA, for families, for children on summer camps and for those on the camp which is taking place at the Rotonda!

Tomorrow the new STAMPAtelle workshop is starting, curated by Maria Giovanna Di Iorio and Kuno Prey, from the Faculty of Art and Design of the Libera Università di Bolzano: the children will be working as pasta makers and typesetters at the same time. In fact, they will make their own unique, original pasta thanks to a special rolling pin which contains printing blocks that can be used to write messages and print them onto pastry (and they can even take it home)!

In the octagon in the middle of the Rotonda there are, as always, the Childrenshare tables, for playing with the dishes, plates and ingredients from eight countries from around the world: India, Japan, Russia, the United States of America, Italy, Mexico, France and Morocco: we look forward to seeing you!