The new Childrenshare events for this week

A new week of Childrenshare has begun… and MUBA has been painted in Japanese colours!

From the 7th to 19th July, ‘Bento with Fantasy’ arrives at the Rotonda di Via Besana. It’s Childrenshare’s Japanese workshop where you can imagine and create bentos, the traditional packed lunch from Japan, for all the cultures in the world!

And you will always find the Childrenshare tables waiting for you. They are part of an installation curated by MUBA which will remain active during the whole period of Expo 2015. Through it, children will discover tables from eight countries around the world and can play with dishes, crockery and traditions from Italy, France, the USA, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, Russia and India!

Are you ready to play and have fun with culture and merrymaking?