Snack time with drinks prepared by your children!

Snacks are more appetising if your children have prepared them themselves!

Fresh, fun recipes which will be added to the Expo global recipe book, Expo World Recipes from today onwards!

Dario, for example, only eats apples, but his mummy thought up a plan to get him to try strawberries and coconuts thanks to the Fracoccoloso (Strawcococuddle) Smoothie! It’s so good that when he has finished Dario happily exclaims: “more mummy more fracocche’ because he calls cuddles ‘cocche’!

On the other hand, one evening Viola and Ruben invented and prepared Minty Lemonade, which has now become their favourite aperitif.

Martina, who goes to the Arezzo Scuola di Cucina MangiaeGioca (EatandPlay Cooking School), created the Spring Smoothie, made with fresh, seasonal produce.

And who wouldn’t be tempted by Gabriele’s pirate smoothie, red as blood like Captain Hook’s coat, yellow like golden treasure and green like the crocodile?