Curated by CreAcademy


Type of activity: international cooking workshop
Age: from 4 years old
Period of activity: 6 and 7 June

Have you ever cooked in Chinese? Or in Spanish, German or Arabic?
Food and languages are the main vehicles of human relationships on social occasions: in this workshop, children become small multi-lingual chefs who prepare international recipes in the company of mother tongue teachers and a chef. On different tables, each one dedicated to a dish and its respective “original” language, the children will be cooking with their own hands, tapas and pinchos in Spanish, macarons in French, schoko-nuss-waffeln in German, maakouda in Arabic, tanghulu in Chinese and pancakes with blueberries in English!

The cultural association CreAcademy was created by a group of moms keen to enhance their children’s knowledge of foreign languages from early childhood. The association promotes foreign cultures in pre-school and school by means of workshops and events for children and families.

Visits are organised in entry rounds
Saturday and Sunday: 2.00-3.30 p.m.; 3.45-5.15 p.m.; 5.30-7.00 p.m.

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