Pietro and Gabriele’s pasta in Expo World Recipes!

Children’s recipes in Expo World Recipes, Expo 2015’s global recipe book!

This is the second phase of Childrenshare, in which we play with children’s recipes to create together the great recipe book of Expo 2015.

The first theme of the game, which began in February, was pasta.

The winners? Gabriele, 5 and a half, who sent in the recipe for spaghetti with lion cream, made with bacon and Philadelphia. It got its name from the cream which is the same colour as the Savannah lion. The other winning recipe was gnocchi with tomato sauce by 7-year-old Pietro, who loves them so much that he often even has seconds!

Keep playing Childrenshare with us. Create a recipe with your children and send it to us along with a photo of your creation at atavola@muba.it! This week we’re playing with drinks and beverages!