Let’s play with strawberries and spring!

Red, sweet and juicy! Strawberries are one of children’s favourite fruits and mark the arrival of spring every year!

Starting from today and for the next two weeks, we want to celebrate this extremely colourful fruit by collecting your children’s strawberry recipes!

Did you know that this fruit can be used as an ingredient for tasty, fun recipes? Such as, for example, a strawberry and banana fruit salad, perfect for a snack, or strawberry and chocolate kebabs, which will win over both adults and children!

Some people enjoy creating delicious desserts like strawberry suns, whereas others prefer using them for bright, colourful risottos!

Are you ready to play Childrenshare with us? Invent a strawberry recipe together with your children and send it to us at the atavola@muba.it e-mail address! We’ll publish it in the Expo World Recipes global recipe book!