Lay the table…but not at the table!

When we talk about a laid table the first thing we think of is the one in our house: round, square or rectangular, it’s the place where we get together for lunch, supper or just to have a snack.

For us at Childrenshare the table could be any place outside of the kitchen at home. The important thing is to share it with the people that we love.

Think about when you take your children for a picnic: your table is laid on the grass. Or imagine a table set up especially for the youngest in the family: this time it might be a low, coloured table.

And if one morning the whole family had breakfast in bed? The table would be a small tray full of everything needed for starting the day in the best possible way!

And when you are on holiday you eat together out and about: in the park, in the mountains or by the sea!

How many different ways of laying the table do you know? How are your tables laid when you are out and about with your children? Play with us at Childrenshare and share your photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #childrenshare and #expo2015 hashtags.