It isn’t Easter without sweet things!

Easter Sunday! A day that every child joyfully awaits to happily run and open their very own Easter egg and discover the surprise which is waiting for them!

But Easter isn’t just about chocolate eggs! In the Italian tradition, for example, the colomba (dove cake) is absolutely essential. In Milan it’s made with candied peel and raisins, while in Sicily each child gets their very own colomba with an egg!

In Abruzzo, on the other hand, at Easter children are given some very unusual cakes: the “pupa” (doll) for girls and the “cavallo” (horse) for boys!

And you, what cakes do you bake to celebrate Easter? Rise to the occasion…invent an Easter cake with your children and send it to the e-mail address! We’ll share it with the whole of the Childrenshare community!