Guess who’s coming to tea!

Let’s play a game! Let’s imagine an afternoon where some children organise a tea party for their friends, laying the table and cooking by themselves.
First task, deciding what to cook: some might make bread and chocolate spread, some might prefer a nice fruit tart whereas others might rush out to buy biscuits, crackers and all kinds of snacks.

And just before the tea party, it’ll be time to lay the table: there’ll be colourful tablecloths all sorts of decorations, like flowers, stuffed animals or drawings. Lots of cups, bowls and glasses, possibly of different styles. Fancy, coloured napkins, and plates and straws of all colours of the rainbow!

In the garden, in the sitting room or in their bedroom each child will set up the environment in an original and fun way: place cards with the names of the guests, coloured balloons and bunting…

And if your children invited their friends to tea? How would their tables be laid? Play with us and Expo 2015 at Childrenshare: share your ideas for a special teatime on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the #childrenshare and #expo2015 hashtags!