Events for the week with Childrenshare

School is over, but Childrenshare continues its activities for children on the themes of Expo 2015!

This week we continue to play with Ryan Sims’ ‘The inventive kitchen table’, a workshop where children can let their imaginations run riot by creating inventive objects relating to food: using paper with special illustrations, scissors and glue they can design utensils to cut slices of cake which are exactly the same size or inventions to make plants grow in the desert!

From the 13th June, ‘Storytelling’ returns, the workshop which uses fairy tales to teach children about the diverse ways of eating from around the world.

In addition, each day the children can play with the Childrenshare tables, MUBA’s large installation which introduces them to the differences and characteristics of typical tables and foods from eight countries of the world!

But Childrenshare doesn’t end here! Keep following us to discover all our events!