#childrenshare is here! Share your laid tables with us.

On the one hand an installation, showing a large table symbolising hospitality and conviviality, which will convey the many and varied ways of using food. Children will be able to play and experiment with different ways of laying the table.

On the other, a game which will take place on our social networks and will involve our followers, who can share photos and descriptions of tables laid according to a theme which will change each time.

This is Children Share, a project which Expo 2015 and Muba dedicate to children.

Children will be the active protagonists of this venture: in fact, photos and text will need to be about tables laid with children, in the way that they would like to lay them and convivial moments shared around abundantly set tables.

These are the rules of the game:

  • every Friday at 1pm we will launch on our social networks a different theme about different ways of laying the table
  • in order to join in, you just need to share your ideas (photos and/or text) using the #childrenshare and #expo2015 hashtags
  • the best ideas will be exhibited in our #childrenshare gallery

Ready to play? Just grab your smartphone and share your table with us!