Childrenshare bread workshop – Opera San Francesco interview

We asked Opera San Francesco to tell us about “The bread workshop“, one of the projects selected from the Childrenshare call for ideas. At the heart of the project is bread, an important foodstuff which can be found in all cultures throughout the world: kneading and baking the bread alongside the Milanese bakers, children learn the art of breadmaking firsthand.

Introduce yourself and tell us about you.
Opera San Francesco per i Poveri Onlus ( OSF ) is an organization which offers to people in need help and support for restoring their hope through sharing and solidarity. All services that OSF delivers, aim to satisfy the basic needs of every man such as feeding, washing, taking care and have listening and also to promote human dignity.
During last year, OSF offered 869.516 meals for free at its refectory placed in Corso Concordia 3 Milan ( more than 2,779 per day); distributed 12.597clothes; gave 66.885 persons access to the showers services and treated 40.188 people in the medical clinic in Via Antonello da Messina distributing more over 70.604 medicines.

Why did you decide to participate at Childrenshare?
Opera San Francesco chose to participate at Childrenshare to stay with children. Because only through the education of younger generation in respect, acceptance and solidarity, it is possible to hope for a future without poverty.

Why did you choose the Bread Workshop
The bread is a symbol of sharing and solidarity and it has been chosen by Opera San Francesco to represent their mission and activities .
Bread is the staple food and unites many cultures in the world. It is broken every day and it is shared on the tables just like OSF does with all those who live in need and distress .
Discovering the secrets of the bread with OSF Master Bakers and Bakers Association of Milan is a fun way to get together and to learn the genuine value of small everyday things: some bread, a welcoming gesture.