Biscuits, what joy!

For breakfast with a cup of milk, at tea time with a cup of tea, after lunch or after supper as pudding. Or to nibble on at any time of day. Nobody can resist a good biscuit!

Flour, eggs, butter, sugar, and if need be yeast and spices, there are an infinite number of recipes that can be invented to sweeten every moment of the day: biscuits with butter, fruit, cereal, chocolate… and young and old always eat them greedily!

What are your children’s favourite biscuits? What ingredients would they choose and what shape would ‘their’ biscuits be?

Play Childrenshare and build the Expo 2015 global recipe book with us! Bake a biscuit recipe with your children, take a photo of their creation and send the photo and recipe to!

We are curious to find out lots of creative and fun ways of baking lots of tasty recipes!