A thousand different ways to say pizza!

Pizza is without a doubt a favourite with children!
Colourful, appetizing and always tasty… sometimes you want to eat it every day, preferably in the company of friends!

From today onwards and for the next two weeks we want to celebrate with you the most famous dish of Italian cuisine by inviting you to share your recipes with us.

Don’t be shy, dare to experiment! There are thousands of ways to make a pizza, some people create strange shapes, like for example the mickey mouse pizza, the butterfly pizza or even the Angry Birds pizza!
Some people use classic ingredients like tomatoes and mozzarella, some adore pizza with chips whereas others prefer to use nutella for the topping!

What’s your favourite pizza like? What shape does it have and what ingredients would you use to create it?

Send us your fun and imaginative pizza recipes to the atavola@muba.it e-mail address! Keep playing Childrenshare with us!