A table for the Befana!

The last National holiday of the Christmas period is fast approaching, the Epiphany, which – according to tradition – marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas!

When we talk about the Epiphany…we are talking about the Befana, who on the night between 5th and 6th January flies over rooves to give sweets to good children and coal to cheeky ones. To make the old woman’s arrival astride her broomstick even more engaging, little ones are encouraged to prepare a dish with a mandarine or an orange, and a glass of wine! The following morning, along with the presents, they find the meal eaten and the Befana’s handprint in the ash scattered over the plate.

And you? How would you lay the table for the Befana who comes to bring you presents? Just a mandarine and some wine, or some biscuits and traditional treats prepared especially for her long-awaited arrival? Play Childrenshare with us: set the table for the Befana, take a photo and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #childrenshare and #expo2015 hashtags!